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What Are People Saying About Relax Dental

“Everyone is absolutely wonderful and made me feel very comfortable! Dr. Bonnick is fabulous, very talented and most caring. They understood my issues and handled them very professionally. Dr. Bonnick & his team are the very BEST!!”
Vickie Hertzog – Trinity, NC


“Most of the fillings you did for me while you were in dental school and I was doing my masters degree in chemical engineering are still in place and they still look good. I am finally taking your advice after 20 years and doing my orthodontics before you finish my smile with porcelain veneers.


I still think it is funny that through all my moves from Maryland to Delaware to Indiana to Pennsylvania I have always retained you as the primary dentist for my family and I. I look forward to doing the cosmetic work with you and will probably get rid of this bridge for an implant and crowns. You told me if I waited the technology would improve and become more predictable, so now I am ready!”
Delroy Blissett – Chemical Engineer | Reading, Pennsylvania


“As you know after years in the Air Force, the MBA from Duke, time spent in Europe with that bank, I went to the Kennedy School and I am back in DC working. It was fun stopping by in Greensboro on my connecting flight and having you take care of my teeth. You have not changed since we met in college in 1979. Since DC is so close I will continue to see you for my future check ups.”
Peter Clunie – MBA | Public Policy | Washington, DC


“In many instances, people fear their annual and/or initial visits to the dentist. By having a resource to turn to, a person can find answers to their questions and educate themselves about what the dentist is doing. This book will allow a person to understand dental procedures, allowing them to make the first step toward healthy hygiene and a beautiful smile.”
David Yu, DDS


“Dr. Bonnick is very knowledgeable about his craft. He explained everything about the procedure to me and was very compassionate to my situation!! Awesome!!!”
Teresa Harris


“I had a great experience here. As soon as I walked in the door I felt good vibe. I filed out my paper work for my child and not even 5mins later we were called to the back. Miss Clair took xrays of my sons mouth and did a couple more. She found that my son had some trauma in his mouth which the other dentist office I took him to didn’t take the time out to check. As Clair left out she told me that the doctor is with another patient and will be in shortly. It didn’t take the doctor long at all. He explained everything clearly to my son and I. We schedule our next appointment with no problems. I just wanted to add this The doctor and staff were very friendly, kind and explained things were you as a patient will understand. I would definitely let my friends know that this is a great place to go that will take their time to examine you, and that will be up front and honest with you. I really wish I could give this office 10 🌟’s.”
Chasity Brown


“Unbelievable talent. Dr Bonnick is a genius.”
Grey Wordsworth


“Excellent service, sincere staff. Overall, a wonderful place for dental care. They take time to explain things and also make sure their clients are ok.”
Lisa Karbowski


“All the staff here are fabulous–medical and front office alike. They are truly professional. They are sensitive to the needs of those with dental anxiety. I have anxiety about getting shots in my mouth, and they are sensitive to that, offering nitrous, patience, and comforting words. I feel cared for by everyone I’ve come into contact with in this office. Best dental practice I’ve EVER been to.”
Michelle DeWitt


“My experience with Dr. Bertrand Bonnick was exceptional! I am terrified of Dental needles but could barely feel Dr. Bonnick’s injections. The entire staff is great and sensitive to your needs. Dr. Bonnick is not your average Dentist. He is approachable and will assure that you are comfortable during your treatment. Most importantly the office equipment, office and employees are very clean. Dr. Bonnick does not allow cross contamination of any sort in his practice!! I have been a patient since 2012 and highly recommend Dr. Bonnick to everyone!”


“I have been going to Dr. Rafael for several years. My parents, sister, and brother-in-law now use him and we all feel very blessed to have found him! He and his staff are caring and efficient, and they strive for perfection!”
Janet Lanier


“Best Dentist and staff in Alamance County. I should have written a review 15 years ago but just thought about it today when I got my cleaning. Dr. Rafael always explains different scenarios of what type of work he can do within the available insurance coverage and out of pocket costs. I appreciate the honesty that he gives his patents.”
Carolyn Price


“I had to take the time out to say how wonderful Dr. Rafael and his staff are…I had a bonded retainer on my lower arch, he quickly removed it and made my appointment so smooth! Tammy is always amazing as well! Great place. I’ve been going since I was a teenager!”
Autumn Walker


“The staff was very friendly. This was my first visit with this dentist office and I was very pleased at the level of care that I was provided. They asked specific questions about what I thought was important in order to adjust the dental care plan to fit my needs. The Hygienist (Ashley) and Dentist were professional, knowledgeable, and provided me with details about the current state of my teeth and gums and what I needed to do to improve. Ashley did a great job removing stains and build-up and made sure that I was comfortable and OK with what she was doing.”
Ericka Mckune


“Best Dentist in the Greensboro, NC Area. They are very professional. I have been going to this Dentist for years now and would highly recommend them to anyone that needs a great dentist.”
Todd Kirst


“I am very satisfied with Dr. Hong’s work on my front-tooth bonding. I have had continuous small chips on this one tooth, often from biting down on a fork.  But lately, it’s just been wearing down, as it is a small area right at the tip. Dr. Hong took pains to have me comfortable…I love the vibrating chair…applied plenty of bonding, and blended it very well, which should keep this tooth perfect for years to come. Besides just working on the tooth, she spent time considering my bite, and some adjustments were made to ensure that I will have a good bite to preserve the health of my teeth overall. Oh, and the final product looks absolutely beautiful! Well done!”
Charlotte Cursillo


“Love this place! Brandy is the best, and Dr. Hong is so sweet! They truly do their best to make you feel comfortable.”
Laura Spencer


“Have you ever left a dental office and said ‘when did they give me the numbing shot?’ I kid you not. I never felt my shot. I’m 71-years-old and this was a first for me. And if that weren’t enough, the staff was wonderful. Very caring, attentive, and informative. If you are looking for dental services, try these guys. You won’t regret it.”
Flo Recoulley


“The best positive dental experience with excellent customer service from the entire staff! It’s super easy to be a patient of Dr. Bonnick and his assistants; I highly recommend them for those patients with anxiety, like me!”
Amber Amy Redeker

What Doctors Are Saying.

It was a pleasure to attend your over-the-shoulder implant course. I very much admire your excellent systems and techniques. It was especially beneficial to watch you adapt to some of the inevitable unexpected complications to assure a great result.

Thanks for your hospitality and that of your great staff.

Alvin P. Jenkins, D.D.S., P.A. (West Jefferson, NC)


I would highly recommend this course. It is by far the best implant live patient observation and assistance course in the region. Dr. Bonnick is a master dentist in his care for the patient and instruction to the doctor. His approach is to engage the doctor and patient in professional and scientific dialogs and techniques, which make for in-depth learning, while the patients’ are achieving the state of the art caring surgery.

If there would be a recommendation for improvement, it would be to have more lectures and courses. This is a must-take course for any dentist who plans to place implants and, a must-take course for the dentist who requires advanced training in implant placement. The information and knowledge that Dr. Bonnick shares are too valuable to be limited to two or three courses per year. “Since your course, I have placed two implants and my associate has placed two. I also find that I treatment plan better with my specialists. I look forward to continuing to learn with you.”

Spurgeon Webber 111 D.D.S. (Charlotte, NC)


I recently had the opportunity to watch Dr. Bertrand Bonnick perform an implant surgery at his office in High Point, NC. While I was there, Dr. Bonnick placed three implants in the right posterior quadrant of the maxillary arch to replace the upper right first and second premolars and first molar. He expanded the buccal bone to accommodate the implants and was able to avoid an invasive sinus lift or bone graft.

Dr. Bonnick was an exceptional instructor during this procedure. His technique was impressive and he thoroughly explained every step as he worked. Prior to the surgery, he explained the treatment planning process and the rationale for the type of implant he selected, as well as the possible pitfalls one could encounter if proper protocol was not followed. At the end of my time in his office, I felt that I had received a wonderful education on implant dentistry.

Mark H. Kaley, D.D.S. Orthodontist (Greensboro, NC)


This letter serves to share the positive learning experience I had at Dr. Bertrand Bonnick’s office on March 23, 2007. Dr. Bonnick was kind enough to invite me to his office and let me assist him on an implant case. This procedure was a single tooth implant in the #5 area which involved the osteotome technique to widen the bony architecture. I was particularly interested in the bone expansion technique and I got a first-hand look at how this is used to the clinician’s advantage when the ridge is thin.

Dr. Bonnick showed excellence from a teaching perspective. From sterilization procedures to documentation of the work with photography and digital radiographic pictures, I left with the impression that the patient was in very capable hands. The procedure went very well and should have a very nice restoration in the #5 area. I would recommend any dental clinician who is interested in learning more about implant dentistry to pay Dr. Bonnick a visit at his beautiful, state-of-the-art office setting!

Jerry Nazziola, D.D.S., M.S. Periodontist (Greensboro, NC)


Thank you for allowing me to observe 10 hours of implant surgery at your office on Friday, May 4, 2007. You were absolutely superb.

You know your anatomy cold; you had the patience and great patient management. In addition to knowledge, you gave me confidence. It was a great learning experience.

Cristiana Gaton D.D.S. (Amsterdam, NY)


I am just writing to let you know how thoroughly I enjoyed your implant course. While I have read literature and attended CE courses on implants it was very helpful to be there during the actual clinical procedure. Your insight and willingness to share different pearls helped to make this a valuable experience.

I specifically liked seeing the case of the patient receiving an implant overdenture. This is a procedure I anticipate serving as a practice builder, mandibular dentures can be so frustrating for both the patient and clinician. Improving efficiency through the use of expanded function dental assistants (DA 11’s) was displayed throughout your cases. In addition, the ability to calm the apprehensive patient was intertwined in the clinical curriculum.

The second case that I observed with the implant placement and bone grafting with membrane proved also to be very informative. I feel that I learned more than I planned on during this day experience. Thank you once again for opening your office to me and the other clinicians for learning. I hope to have such an experience again!

Bradford l. Picot, DDS (Columbia, SC)


Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to observe several of your current implant placement techniques on four of your patients on May 4, 2007. This was truly a very educational and rewarding experience. The opportunity allowed me to closely observe your implant placement technique from the moment each patient entered their treatment room until their treatment was complete. The diversity of each procedure was excellent; among the procedures I found all of them to be very interesting. The procedures observed include the following.

  • Placement of 4 Mini implants with an immediate load of a mandibular denture.
  • Mandibular implant placement for tooth #30 with bone grafting to increase attached keratinized gingiva.
  • An implant placed into socket grafted site for tooth #4, osteotomes were used for expansion.
  • Bone expansion with osteotomes in the anterior maxilla for implant placement tooth #8.

This experience helps to enhance my knowledge of implant placement and gives me more confidence in recommending implants to my patients. I know you and your staff will continue to have great success with your implant procedures because of the training, preparation, and quality of work you all exhibited with each of these patients. I look forward to placing implants with you in the near future; I will strongly recommend other general dentists to contact your office if they are interested in placing implants.

J.Selig Cooper, DDS (Greensboro, NC)


For additional information on our continuing education courses including the “Over the Shoulder Implant Dentistry” course, please contact our office at 336-841-0000. Space is limited but in the event of a last-minute cancellation or demand for additional implant courses please ask to be put on the waiting list and we will do our best to help you in incorporating implant dentistry into your practice (general, family, cosmetic, or otherwise).