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Bertrand Bonnick, D.D.S., M.A.G.D.
On December 4, 2009 Dr. Bonnick was presented with the credential Diplomate of The Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation (D.D.O.C.S.) the highest award
given by DOCS, a national organization promoting Conscious Sedation Dentistry for demonstrating an exceptional interest in the advancement of Conscious Sedation Dentistry. To be eligible for this credential a dentist must already have completed the requirements for Fellowship in the organization (F.D.O.C.S.). (To find our sedation dentistry office click on this link: Contact Information and Directions)

Additional requirements for a candidate for the Diplomate award include documentation of more than 150 additional sedation cases beyond those needed for Fellowship, publication of several articles on sedation dentistry, completion of over 200 hours of continuing education in sedation dentistry,’successfully complete an oral examination, and receive at least two recommendations from accredited members.

Dr. Bonnick was humbled when told that he was the first dentist from North Carolina to receive this credential. See Dr’s Credentials, Meet Dr. Bonnick. (For more information on DOCS call 888-858-7972 or

You wouldn’t think about having your tonsils removed without sedation would you How about a routine medical test like a colonoscopy How about having your wisdom teeth removed without sedation

Under unique situations you may put up with an inordinate amount of discomfort to have treatment done, but it is good to have a choice and that is why we choose to do general anesthesia dentistry when our patients can be better served by it. On some of my mission trips I have dealt with situations where the patient will put up with a lot of discomfort in order to have their dental work completed. In our practice we believe in taking advantage of technology to decrease discomfort.

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There are a lot of people who put up with uncomfortable procedures in dentistry because they believe there are no other options. Most of our patients are Greensboro general family dentistry patients, but those who need additional help to get through a particular procedure like root canal, cosmetic veneers, or extractions may consider one of our sedation dentistry options.

When I was fifteen years old I had eleven cavities. I went to a dentist who extracted three of my teeth, and would have taken out more if I were cooperative. He told me “You will only feel a little pinch.” To him it was a pinch, to me it was a terrifying ordeal and I vowed if I could ever improve the process I would. Since the late 1800’s, dentists have always used various methods of sedation and pain control in order to allow their patients to relax and have their work done. Today dentists are continuing to use and revise their pain control techniques, and new technologies are used to help patients manage their fear of dentistry, including the use of general anesthesia dentistry.

Some patients could have an extraction with local anesthesia but need additional levels of sedation for a root canal. Other patients could have a root canal with local anesthesia but need general anesthesia dentistry for a wisdom tooth extraction. It is all about perception. Some people are uncomfortable when they hear the sound of a drill, while others are bothered by the sight of a needle or the smell of medicine they associate with a dental office. It has been estimated that approximately 10% of the American population is afraid of a needle, the condition was officially named trypanophobia. Dental fear is an individual thing, some people only need sedation because they gag easily or they have a hard time getting numb.

Based on a patient’s health and the dental procedures needed, the cosmetic dentists in North Carolina can propose different levels of sedation dentistry. Patients treated at one level for one procedure may be treated at another level for the similar procedure at a different time. For purposes of discussion in general dentistry, we can call it “The five levels of sedation dentistry.”



Levels one and 2 are minimal sedation options. Level 3 is considered moderate sedation. And level 4 and above are considered general anesthesia with an anesthesiaologist.

Level One: Utilizing  Iatro-sedation or things the doctor can do to make the patients feel more comfortable. This may include hypnosis, use of hard and soft tissue lasers, warming of the local anesthetics, or using small pediatric needles to start all injections.

Level Two: Adding nitrous oxide to decrease the patient’s apprehension along with local anesthesia as needed and the methods used in level one.

Level Three: Anti-anxiety or relaxation medications are given to patients intra-orally prior to treatment. Patients go through treatment in a more relaxed state; some amnesic properties are present in some medications. Patients are monitored with a pulse oximeter, and blood pressure and heart rate monitors.

Level Four: Dental treatment is done with the addition of IV sedation medication to produce light conscious sedation state. Patient can maintain their own airway and can respond to stimulus thus minimizing the possibility of hypoxia and cardiac events. IV sedation dentistry patients are monitored with pulse oximetry, capnography, ECG, and blood pressure and heart rate monitors.

Level Five: Treatment is done under general anesthesia in a hospital setting monitored by an anesthesiologist.

If you already have your personal dentist and you wanted an NC sedation dentist to do a procedure for you that requires sedation (Oral and IV SedationDentistry), it is our custom to do the work you need and then gladly refer you back to your general dentist for continuing care. Or you can enroll your dentist in our class for sedation dentistry overview and update through our dental seminars for doctors page.

If you are hesitant to do dental treatment or even visit a dentist, try discussing these levels of IV sedation dentistry with your personal dentist or give one of our sedation dentists in North Carolina a call at 336-841-0000. Contact Dr. Bertrand Bonnick to learn how IV sedation dentistry can help you make it through implant, cosmetic or general dental procedures.