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Cosmetic Tooth Whitening


Looking to enhance your smile without an invasive procedure Tooth whitening can be a great solution for healthy teeth to look their whitest!

Teeth wear over time and can become stained by coffee, wine, and even cigarettes. Even diligent brushing isn’t always enough to prevent this, but having teeth whitened can restore their shine quickly and painlessly.

During the first whitening visit, the dentist will make an impression (mold) of your teeth to create a plastic tray. The mold ensures a custom fit to your teeth, which is superior to simple whitening strips you may find at a store. During the second visit the dentist will check to make sure the tray fits properly, and will make adjustments as needed. Once a proper fit is complete, the dentist will give care instructions for your new whitening tray.

The tray is worn for 30 minutes, twice per day, generally for one to three weeks. Sometimes users experience some sensitivity to hot or cold during this time period, and this is normal. The sensitivity will fade shortly after the user stops whitening.

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