Composite Fillings


If a tooth is cracked, fractured, or is affected by decay, composite fillings can be the ideal solution. A composite filling is essentially a tooth-colored filling, making it far less noticeable than older materials like silver. Composites not only match the color of your teeth but they last longer as well.

Composites in dentistry are usually composed of hydrocarbons, with quartz and glass fillers.”Similar materials have been popular in aerospace applications due to their being strong and lightweight.

Composite Fillings Can Help:

Restore a chipped tooth

Repair a cracked or broken tooth

Reinforce a worn or decayed tooth

Fill spaces between teeth

Composite fillings are ideal for front teeth, as their ability to match the color of your tooth makes them far less obvious than silver amalgams. If you have a problem tooth with one of the above symptoms, call us today at 336-841-0000 and take the first step in restoring your smile!