Sedation Dentistry – First Appointment

Oral/IV Sedation Dentistry
As one of the few general dentists licensed to provide IV conscious sedation in North Carolina, Dr. Bonnick continues to update his knowledge of medicine, pharmacology, and managing medical emergencies on an annual basis.” Dr. Bonnick is certified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS).

Read the following guide to become more aware of oral and IV sedation and what it can do for you. You’ll learn what to expect, and you can come better prepared with questions for Dr. Bonnick. If your dentist has recommended a serious dental procedure, don’t hesitate to do the treatment you need. Contact a qualified sedation dentist, and learn more about how sedation can help you stay comfortable during your dental operation.

Ask a sedation dentistry question or schedule your first appointment by calling our High Point, NC office at (336) 841-0000.

Preliminary Sedation Dentistry Appointment
When you come to our High Point, NC office for a consultation, our sedation dentists are trained to evaluate the following:
1. Need for sedation
2. Medical history obtained and reviewed
3. Dental treatment plan, if possible
4. Selection of Oral or IV sedation dentistry procedure
5. Check for presence of superficial veins (if IV procedure selected)
6. Obtain baseline vital signs
7. Preoperative instructions to the patient
8. Patient education
9. Informed consent signed
10.” General medical consultation if needed

For more information about oral or IV sedation dentistry in North Carolina, call us at (336) 841-0000.