Financing Dental Treatment

It is difficult for patients to know enough about dental treatments provided by cosmetic and family dentists to maximize their benefits along with enjoying the benefits of having their treatments done in a timely fashion. One example of this is the patient who needs a large filling that costs $200 but is waiting to get insurance benefits. While waiting a few months the decay enters the nerve of the tooth causing extreme pain and the loss of several days at work. The patient comes into the office of the family dentist with their dental insurance and finds out that the treatment necessary to save that important tooth is a root canal, post and core buildup and full crown at the cost of $2000. Regardless of the benefits, the patient is entitled to they did not make a good economic or health decision. Waiting a few months in order to spend ten times as much on dental care is not wise. The other factor is the success rate of the procedure, some dental procedures have unplanned complications that lead to further discomfort and loss of time.

It is for this reason that our office has a full-time treatment coordinator who will spend time helping you with the sequencing, benefit allocation, and applying for a payment plan. We primarily use Care Credit for our in-office financing plans.

The most valuable thing in a patient’s life is their health and time to do what they need to do. Our office prides itself in the ability to help patients decide how best to schedule needed treatment so that it fits into their budget. Sometimes the immediacy for treatment necessitates extraordinary measures in order to resolve immediate threats to a patient’s health, we will not accommodate any excuses from the patient that will put their health in jeopardy. Patients must take responsibility for payment of services when treatment is done and consequences when they postpone treatment from their family dentists.

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