Dr. Bertrand A. Bonnick Education

In 1982, Dr. Bertrand Bonnick graduated from State University of New York-Albany cum laude with a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry and a combined minor in mathematics and physics. From there, he attended the University of Maryland Dental School (the world’s first dental college), graduating in 1986, and was selected as a Who’s Who Scholar for academic achievement and student government leadership.

Knowing that school for dentists could provide only limited experiences, Dr. Bonnick competed for and earned a position in advanced training at Long Island Jewish Hospital Medical Center-QHC. During the first year of the program, he spent one month in the Department of Anesthesiology where he provided the sedation for 6-10 patients per day. Approximately 20% of dentists complete a hospital based general practice residency. This puts Dr. Bonnick in outstanding company among dentists.

After completing his residency program, the director asked Dr. Bonnick if he would like to stay for a second year as chief resident. The director said “Only 2% of all general dentists complete two years of post-graduate training, it will help you treat more difficult patients. You would help to train all the new residents, you will handle more complex cases, and learn a lot more from our specialists. You will help to train the new residents on operating room protocols and do more operating room cases. Furthermore, I need someone who will not compromise his moral and ethical standards.”

From Chief Residency to Part-Time Dentistry Instructor

Dr. Bonnick chose to accept the chief residency, and after he completed that challenging year he was offered a part-time job as an instructor in the program. He remained an instructor for 10 years and was voted Instructor of the Year in 1991 by the dentists he taught in the post-graduate dental program. Dr. Bonnick considers this one of his highest achievements ever because most of the other instructors nominated for the award were instructors who also taught him in 1986-1988.

Dr. Bonnick is a North Carolina dentist who puts patients first.

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