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By Brian Watkins - December 17, 2017

Has it been awhile since you've been to the dentist Whether you're new in the area or simply looking for a new solution, your Greensboro dentist solution isn't far away. Our office is a family dentistry practice that welcomes patients of all ages.

A big focus at our office is making patients feel relaxed and comfortable with the procedures they are about to undergo. We know that for many people visiting the dentist is a source of anxiety. Maybe you've had a negative experience in the past that's made you leery, or maybe the idea of a dental visit has always made you nervous. In any case, our goal is to alleviate that discomfort and help you get the best dental health possible.

In addition to our friendly staff and amenities like ceiling-mounted televisions for patients, our office features a full range of sedation technologies for all types of procedures. Milder forms of sedation work well for cleanings and fillings, but we also offer IV sedation for more complex procedures.

Experience Matters in Greensboro Dentistry

Dr. Bonnick is regularly involved in continuing education in all forms of dentistry, far exceeding the yearly mandate for doctors and dentists. He teaches seminars on implant dentistry and is always cognizant of cutting edge technology. He was one of the first implant dentists in the Greensboro area to offer All on Four implants.

Often when you think of a family general dentistry practice you assume you'd have to go elsewhere for things like root canals, periodontal therapy, dental implants, or even cosmetic dentistry. With our office, though, most of these procedures can be done in-house by our skilled staff. This saves time by not having to forward records all around town, and keeps the experience consistent throughout.

Give us a call today for a consultation! We'll draw up a plan for you and show you why our office is the right choice for your general dentistry needs!

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