Implant Dentistry

Missing teeth does not have to mean embarrassing family photos, or challenges with eating. With today’s technology we can help you be proud of your smile again:

  • by strengthening your bone
  • by brightening your smile
  • by replacing missing teeth

Dental implant technology has been used since the 1965 to help people replace missing teeth permanently. While the technology isn’t new, it isn’t a service offered by most dentists due to the level of skill and knowledge needed to perform the procedure. It also helps to have the procedure done with sedation dentistry allowing for multiple other dental needs to be handled at the same time.

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Loose Dentures Could Mean Painful Sores

Why live with ill fitting dentures? Not only can this result in painful sores in your mouth, but it may mean embarrassing dental slips while the camera is rolling for family get togethers like birthdays and weddings. This doesn’t have to be the case!


  • Implants can secure teeth for comfort, no more painful sore spots
  • All-On-4 options lock down the dentures preventing those embarrassing slips
  • Plus you improve your chewing power when your teeth are stable and strong!

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