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Root Canals To Restore Teeth

A root canal is an effective procedure to relieve pain and remove infections. In order to save the tooth from having to be pulled, the decay is removed and replaced with medicated materials. This restores the tooth to its full functionality.

Sometimes you can tell if a root canal is needed if you have anabscess(like a pimple) on the gums, if there is severe pain, or if there is swelling or tenderness. Root canals involve removing the pulp of the tooth, which is the living portion with nerve receptors. This area is cleaned and filled with a filling material.

Intentional root canals are beneficial in several cases. Sometimes the tooth is in a rotated position, and a cosmetic as well as functional solution would mean reducing the area of the tooth that sticks out from the ideal arch form. When removal of the tooth structure will lead to encroachment on the nerve, an intentional root canal will ensure that the patient will not have to suffer undue pain later. Clinical judgment is also used when we approachclose enough to the nerve that putting in a filling may irritate the nerves and cause the patient undue suffering.

Cavities can also destroy a root canal tooth if the patient does not discover it in time; cavities do not cause a root canal tooth to hurt and patients who do not see their dentist often may miss the fact that a cavity was developing.

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