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Using Dental Bridges To Restore Missing Teeth

A dental bridge is a stationary dental appliance used to replace missing teeth. They are highly durable and will last for many years, but like all dental appliances will eventually need to be replaced.

Using a dental bridge can help correct gaps between teeth, maintain facial shape and speaking ability, and to prevent nearby teeth from shifting.

Some patients choose bridgework to restore dentition because they lack the bone needed for an implant or because they think this is a less costly option. However, when a dentist prepares one tooth for a crown, the chances of needing a root canal is about 3-5% in a five year period. When at least two teeth are prepared for a three-unit bridge it increases the odds of needing a root canal over the next five years from 3 percent to about 15 percent. The additional cost and the possibility of needing to redo your bridge after root canal treatment could end up costing you more than you thought you were saving over the cost of doing an implant. Cost is often measured in money, but the inconvenience and time away from your other activities may make bridge work more costly for you.

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