Diagnosing Periodontal Disease

Gingivitis is an early phase of periodontal disease. Plaque build up irritates the gum tissue and can cause gums to feel sensitive or even bleed. Gingivitis is relatively easy to treat and reverse when caught at this stage.

Otherwise, this plaque hardens and becomes tartar, causing the gums to begin receding from the teeth. Periodontal disease can be corrected at this stage, but without treatment the gums will continue to recede, creating pockets between teeth where bacteria gathers. Ultimately teeth will become loose and eventually lost due to bone loss underneath the gums.

A periodontal examination can be performed by your general dentist or hygienist, and ideally is a part of your regular check-ups. This type of exam can catch issues earlier rather than later, simplifying the treatment.

Dr. Bertrand Bonnick can diagnose a number of periodontal diseases.

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