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Using Dentures For Dental Restoration

Dentures are removable appliances that replace missing teeth. Dentures are durable and will last many years, but do eventually need to be replaced due to wear and shifting of the affected area. Dentures may not always be the ideal option, however.

If you keep your teeth intact throughout your lifetime, you will preserve most of your jawbones. As you lose teeth, however, the alveolar bone also shrinks, and it shrinks even more if you have a denture putting force on it. Along with loss of jawbone, you have movement of teeth into the now-empty space. Fewer teeth mean more collapse of the bite and an older, more “collapsed look.” Generally, the first denture will fit better than subsequent dentures because there is more bone support. Since most people do not strictly adhere to removal of denture for six to eight hours per day and replacement of dentures every five to eight years, they will wear away the jawbone even more.

Not only that, but dentures have about 35 percent the chewing efficiency of real teeth. This loss of efficiency can cause digestive problems (food is not chewed as well).

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