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Combining Porcelain Veneers with Porcelain Crowns

Patient Photos Depicting:
Combining Porcelain veneers with porcelain crowns





Our patient stated that her teeth was angled inwards and although she had no problems with her existing crowns she still did not have a smile to be proud of. She requested veneers, but was told some of the teeth needed a high quality crown from 3M called Lava. Patient chose our office because we assured her that we would use whatever treatment would be best for each individual tooth without compromising the end result. The resulting porcelain restorations protects her teeth, gave her an attractive smile with the proper lip and cheek support.





Teeth with different levels of decay and different size fillings can be restored together using modern technology, photos, and matching porcelain. The doctor carefully prepared each tooth to minimize removal of more tooth structure with a conservative technique that is individual for each patient.


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