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Root Canals, Apicoectomies, and Extractions

At first glance, a tooth may seem like a piece of hard bone that chews food. However, if cut in a cross-section, a healthy tooth has a network of nerves, arteries, and veins that respond to stimuli from the outside and the inside. Repeated drilling or cavities on a tooth allow oral fluids, water, chemicals,...


Advantages of Greensboro Cosmetic Dentistry For You

When people think about improving their appearance, they usually think about their skin, weight, hair color and style, or a myriad of other things that can be changed.” How often do people think about their smile, which portrays happiness, laughter, and kindness towards others Studies show that when people smile more, others also perceive them...


Volunteers Needed for Sedation Dental Study

Are you local to High Point/Winston Salem/Greensboro/Jamestown/Kernersville, NC and struggling to get the dental care you need? Either you don’t have insurance, or you are fearful to go to the dentist at all? Dr. Bertrand Bonnick, our local sedation dentist helping you overcome your dental fears, has an ongoing commitment to the community. This community...