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Dr. Bonnick’s most recent book, How To Overcome Fear Of The Dentist – A Patient’s Guide To Understanding Dentistry, focuses on educating patients on various dental procedures, good oral hygiene habits, and what the options are under various circumstances. Sometimes lack of understanding makes things look more imposing, and there are not always simple avenues for dental patients to obtain greater knowledge.

Overall, an excellent work. In a day where some books are more like a mere waste of paper than literature, this surprising book stands apart. Though the title seems like the book may appeal to a young audience, it is in fact, a tool for adults. “How to Overcome…” finds a delightful balance between scientific explanation, professional advice, and personal anecdote. It is a book that redefines the expectation of what qualifies as “hard to put down.” Most readers would not consider a medical text to be good bedtime or stuck-in-a-waiting-room reading. In fact, most readers, when caught in a waiting room, have either brought their own book or reach for a quick-skim magazine. If you find yourself in a waiting room with a copy of “How to Overcome…”, save your personal book for later, put down the Redbook or Highlights, and pick it up! I almost guarantee that in one chapter, you’ll be wondering how you can take it with you. Bonnick certainly has the qualifications to write a dental-advice text, but what surprises you is how readable and enjoyable his writing style is. Well worth every page!
In many instances, people fear their annual and/or initial visits to the dentist. By having a resource to turn to, a person can find answers to their questions and educate themselves about what the dentist is doing. This book will allow a person to understand dental procedures, allowing them to make the first step toward healthy hygiene and a beautiful smile.
David Yu, DDS
Unfortunately, many people are unaware of how negatively poor dental hygiene impacts their overall health. In this book, Dr. Bonnick takes a big step towards helping people to understand holistic health maintenance.
Andre Spence, M.D.

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